Intuitive, Integrated, Inventory Software

Our software simplifies the process of inventory counting, allowing counters to share the data with your team and stakeholders instantly.


Works with Your Team and your Inventory

Experience the seamless and effortless inventory counting process with Zupan's user-friendly software.


Clear and actionable insights, allowing you to implement strategies for maximizing your savings

Real Time

Access real-time data insights, enabling you to make informed decisions at the speed of business


Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient process


Intuitive and visually appealing interface, making it easy for users to navigate and operate


Count Your Inventory with Ease

Zupan makes inventory counting software that makes more efficient. The software enables you to count at last 10x faster than before. You will save money through more efficient processes and knowing your inventory better.


Measure inventory at unprecedented speed, ease and accuracy

Zupan employs secure integrations, voice recognition technology, and variance analysis to generate reports that can be analyzed remotely worldwide. With Zupan you will save time, money, inventory, and headaches. The software will enable your business to concentrate on bigger problems.

For any business that carry inventory

Need to Count Your Inventory? Zupan is Your Solution!

We get it, either you hire an external team to count your warehouse and stock for you, or you own a suite of clunky scanners to count. Or, do not say it... you use pen and paper, then spend hours manually uploading and reconciling it. 

We will do you one 10x better, with Zupan, you can use your own mobile device to count your inventory anytime and as often as you need. 


Need clarification?

How does Zupan work?

Zupan is a mobile application for the counters and a web platform to display the results and analysis in real-time. While your employees count with the help of our user-friendly app, managers can oversee the counts and get live reports from anywhere in the world thanks to the connected web interface.

What do I need for Zupan to work?

Zupan is made to be easy to use. All you need is a smartphone and a computer, and you are ready to count!

My warehouse/store does not have wifi. Is that a problem?

Our App will locally store the counts and automatically synchronize/upload them to the cloud once the device is reconnected.

I am a small company, is the solution catered towards me?

Yes! Whether you have a single location or 2,500, Zupan is a fantastic solution for you. Count faster, more accurately and easier than ever before.

Can Zupan handle multiple warehouses or locations?

Yes, Zupan is equipped to handle multiple warehouses or locations, enabling you to count inventory across different sites, track stock movements, and consolidate data effectively.

How long does it take to implement Zupan? I need it as soon as possible.

Zupan can be downloaded from the Apple Store/Google Play, you can start counting immediately! We have dedicated customer support teams ready to assist with questions and implementation.

Can Zupan handle multiple counters and multiple locations at the same time?

Yes, you can manage thousands of inventory counts in real time from our web interface.. That means that all your locations could be counting at the same time and can be coordinated through the manager interface.

How is using Zupan cost-saving?

Zupan is 10x faster than traditional counting methods. Employees love that counting is completed faster and customers are happy that you know what goods are available for sale. Your employees will not need to work overtime or on a holiday to count inventory. You also will not need to outsource an expensive third party to count your inventory. This efficiency improvement translates to significant cost savings for your business and also increases sales!

One Tool for Your Inventory Counting